Welcome to the official site of the Dufur Historical Society!

The Dufur Historical Society Living History Museum is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm. Call 541-467-2205 for more information.

We are dedicated to preserving information on life in the Pacific Northwest at the turn of the the 20th century. Very few people remember what day-to-day life was like and how people managed to make a living in the early 1900s, before technology changed everything. Our goals are to save what we can of the memories, the information, the know-how that existed then. We want our children to be able to appreciate how far we've come, and for the memories of those who've gone before us to be honored.

We put on a handful of events each year. Through these events we educate the communities around us, make connections with those who have more memories and information to share, and raise money to help us maintain the museum grounds and preserve what we've collected.